About The Green Agency

Considered to be one of the most creative and forward thinking companies with an emphasis on compassion, understanding and showing up for each other, The Green Agency has been setting the bar since 1989. The Miami Beach and New York pop-up based boutique agency has set award winning standards with their established and emerging actors, models, creatives, speakers, voice-over artists, hosts and influencers in both the English and Spanish markets.

We consider the global marketing community to be our partners as we continue to successfully pair the perfect artists with the crafted and curated messages of international and national brands, social media campaigns, photography and large scale events. 

The Green Agency’s theatrical division excels in developing platforms and booking ingenues and credited actors for films, web series, animated programs, industrials, short and long format programming. Our clients can be seen as series regulars, guest stars, and co-stars for prime time networks and streaming services. We are also active partners with incredible Directors and Producers in the indie film market.

Our Influencers and Content Creators are adding their originality, genius and followings to campaigns with our spectacular brand partners. Custom press kits and analytics are now available for the perfect pairing.

Follow us @thegreenagency.com and reach out to hear more about The Green Agency's new marketing incentives and seminars by The Fame Strategy experts.